• Elia had brain fog after having covid-19 and experienced memory loss and forgetting. Through Motiva Neuro Booster, Elia was able to reduce brain fog and increase focus.

    Making My Cancer Go Into Remission With Motiva Supplements

    Hello, my name is Greg Stone. I am 64 years of age and a father of a seven-year-old. In 2018, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and for the last few years I have been on a journey to fight it. Today, I would like to tell my story and share how I handled my health.

  • Image of the human brain with brain fog reducing memory and focus.

    Brain Fog Un-fogged with Motiva Neuro Booster

    Have you caught COVID?  Did your ‘Brain Fog’? I never knew what ‘Brain Fog’ really was, or how it felt, until I caught COVID. In my first meeting (virtual of course) after testing positive to COVID I found myself missing words; I would be discussing or commenting on a matter to only realize that the next word on my tongue is slipping. The first meeting passes

  • Image showing arthritis joint pain and inflamed ligaments across several parts of the body.

    Managing Arthritis Pain With Supplementation

    My intent is to share a story of my best friend’s mother that I’ve known almost my whole life, just over 30 years! I know it could help; in fact, I’m confident it will help many of the Arthritis sufferers out there as much as it did for her. Lamees is a well-known painter from Palestine, she lived most of her life in the UAE. Growing up I was always mesmerized by her talent

  • Woman suffering from lupus auto-immune disease and having red rashes on face.

    How We Beat Lupus

    Carol was as healthy as one could be and took very good care of herself. And then one day in 2015, as life happens, everything changed. One day she could suddenly not get out of bed. She could not even open her eyes and just going to the bathroom became a massive effort. We of course

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